Remodeling Inside or Out

Remodeling interior or exterior is taking the existing structure, and modifying it to what you want. Exterior remodeling can include new siding, roofing, decking, and more. 

Examples of interior remodeling:

  • Moving or removing interior walls
  • adding walls
  • vaulting an existing flat ceiling
  • enclosing attic or basement spaces

There are even simpler interior remodeling available such as:

  • simply painting, or replacing the existing floor coverings
  • change carpet to wood floors, or wood to carpet
  • installing tile or vinyl

Our installers can make this type of work look easy! A true professional can make any job look easy, but keeping a clean work area and meeting certain time lines takes even more professionalism.

Remodelers, specializing in remodeling, are a special breed of contractor! Most contractors know how to build a new home, or subdivision, using today's building codes and typical construction methods. A Remodeler, or remodeling contractor, has to be knowledgeable with today's building codes, as well as past building codes and/or building practices, to be able to adapt the existing structure to the building codes of today, without running the price up to out of this world!

During the recessionary periods of recent, and in the past, new construction type builders have attempted to enter into the remodeling market, and quickly exited, and vowed never to return!

Not only is remodeling pricing difficult, but when a builder is modifying ANYTHING on one wall, such as a window or door, BOTH ROOMS AFFECTED must be remodeled, or at least sheetrock corrections and painted from corner to corner! (Think about that!)

Want a wall removed, we can do that! Now let's also fix the ceiling, and fix the floor covering that is not under that removed wall, and if it was, it isn't the same color now!

This is what we do, and we like doing it! We take your home, and modify it to your desire, and we will be priced on target for the work required.

Fair and up-front pricing is important to our company's success, and to your budget! We don't want to get to the end of the project, and then you learn you went over budget! Changes are a part of this business of updating older homes and bringing them into this century, but even with those changes, we can prepare you in advance, so that you have a really good idea of the ending investment!

Remodeling is an investment in many ways! Not only will you enjoy the "new" home or parts of that home, but your home will be realized from appraisals to insurance coverage aspects, to be a newer home! A home built in 1949, remodeled properly, can be insured as if it were a 15 year old home! Unless you change the overall "footprint" of your home, your tax basis may not change!

Now let's meet, and get to talking about what modifications you want to make, determine a budget, and then, if you are willing to go forward, we can put together a proposal for your project. During this first meeting we will guide you to let you know when you are "about to open a can of worms" and dramatically increase the overall costs.

For more information on "How do we satisfy our customers" simply click on the link, to learn how our step by step, from first meeting expectations to proposal goes.

Call All Pro Improvements today at 803-798-4486, or click on the "Contact us" and send us an email, but anticipate a rapid response also.

We offer moving of walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, whether relocating those areas, or simply enlarging those areas. We also offer additions for adding on to your existing home, which might be better for your overall budget, than some plans we have investigated in the past!

A client wanted a master suite, with the huge garden tub, walk in closet, and of course that large oversized bedroom she wanted. When she realized that she wanted would be a "wing" added, and at some $85,000, we were able to guide her to enclose her rarely used carport, get most of the options she wanted, and a new laundry room, for only $31,000. She was happy for years with her new master bedroom suite, since she wasn't using the carport anyway! She was able to unload some storage items as well.

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