Replacing and painting your existing wood or Masonite siding is economical up front, but you just know that sooner or later, normally 3-5 years, the painting must be redone. Most existing sidings such as wood and Masonite® may also require future siding replacement as well.
Hardie®, Allura and Weatherboard® siding are both Fiber Cement Boards promising less future replacement of siding. Factory finishes can be pre-painted with the factory warranty of about 15 years on the finish alone. Even the pre-finished fiber cement boards normally require some painting at completion to aid in hiding nails, caulking, etc.
Vinyl is Final! No more painting ever! Washing your home periodically may seem like something new to you, but then all of the above painted siding should be washed periodically also! Instead we go straight to painting way too often. For a truly low maintenance exterior, Vinyl Siding and Accessories can not only update the appearance of your home, but remove the need for painting forever. Vinyl siding can be 2 ½ to 3 times to cost of a single painting, and last for many years! With accessories like Cedar Shakes, stacked stone or stucco accents, your “new” home would be the envy of the neighborhood fpr years to come! Workmanship is the single factor for installation of all of the above products to make your home go from mundane to excellent in appearance! 
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