How do we satisfy our customers?

We have a step-by-step plan to make your room to your preference, and then to build it to match  our home exterior, with your preferences on the interior. An Addition should NOT look like an addition!

  1. Contact our company for a Free No-Obligation estimate, fitting to your schedule. Visit our gallery to see other room plans, and get some ideas of your own!
  2. We come out, and spend about an hour with you, evaluating the site for possibility of the addition or enclosure fitting your current home’s construction, and your needs and desires. Be prepared to answer questions about how you want to use your new room, budget, and interior design, and if your new room should match your home.
  3. A professional proposal may be returned to you for you to review. At this point you make what modifications needed, or wanted, to fit your lifestyle and your budget.
  4. You accept the final proposal, and the work will be scheduled to start. We get the permits!
  5. Construction begins, using foundation systems to match/blend with your current foundation appearance and construction methods.
  6. Final Payment is accepted after you are satisfied. Financing is available to you through our contacts. We are approved to offer FHA Title 1 Loans from $5000 to $25000 in your home, with no appraisal necessary! Credit Cards also accepted. It can’t be easier than dealing with All Pro Improvements.

Your new room should match your home, increase your home value, while giving you that extra space you want and need! Screened Porches, Sunrooms, Decks, Bedroom Suites, Family Rooms, building from the “ground up”, or we can “Enclose” your existing garage, porch, or attic space!

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