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Insurance Claims Services

If you have never had an insurance claim on your home before, this article could be helpful.

An Automobile claim is such that you deliver the car to the shop, and pay your deductible, and come back and pick it up when it is done.

Home repair claims are a little different, where the insurance funds are disbursed to the homeowner and the mortgage holder, and sometimes to the homeowner and contractor.

Work performed without the express approval of the insurance company may not be reimbursed to you!

Due Diligence is still a responsibility as the homeowner that you must do what you can to minimize further damages to your home, protecting it as possible.

An example is a flooded home, and not allowing that water to drain out of the home, or mopping up what is possible to get up.

With major disasters, many out of state claims workers will appear to help your insurance company to determine the amount needed to correct your home, and they are fast.

So fast, that sometimes they leave some things out, or even use pricing for another part of the country, which may not be applicable to your home here in our area.

All Pro Improvements has tried to make this experience closer to the experience that you may see with an automobile claim, in that we will agree to make the repairs for what the insurance company will agree to pay for those repairs.

We don't know how to be any fairer on that! You will have to pay your deductible, or do some of the work yourself, for us all to be acting legally. 

So if you are waiting on your insurance adjuster, you should be looking for a contractor too.

Once the adjuster makes his determination of the estimated repairs, you would be then looking for a contractor anyway, so get a head start by calling your selected contractor to get onto his work schedule as soon as possible.

With this recent disaster, it could be months, before all of the homes are repaired, and yours could be one of the last ones being repaired! 

Buyer Beware!

Contractors are coming into our area also, from out of state, and then of course there will be the illegal contractors that will take money and not intend on doing the repairs as well.

Get your contractor from an established and local company that you can trust the work to, and that will be here later after the repairs are completed, in the case of any required future service that may be needed.

Demand permits be obtained by the contractor also. See separate article about "Do I need a permit" at this website.

I know this only make sense, but you should verify the contractor with the BBB and with LLR who will verify the contractor is or is not licensed at this time with the State of SC.

So don’t be fooled by a contractor saying to “look us up in Tennessee on the BBB for example, because they will be returning to Tennessee afterwards!

Don’t be fooled by someone PRETENDING to be with a local contractor either!

This is a time of Buyer Beware, and you must be careful with your selection of your contractor!

Our company BBB listing is at this link-

Search other business at BBB locally at

LLR direct link- Select “Residential Builders” for home repairs,
or “Contractors-Commercial” for business repairs.

Verify that the phone number you are given is their true phone number also.  The fastest search is using the Contractor’s License Number. All Pro Improvements license number is 23265 as a Residential Builder.

Contact us today by phone 798-4486, or email us at 

See the video at Left above to learn more about the types of claims we handle?

Do I Need a Building Permit Link


Decks and Patios as Outdoor Spaces

The yard was fun for lawn darts, if they were still legal. Croquet is a game I used to play as a child, and we don't throw ball any longer. Now it seems our lawns are areas of concern, needing work, weeding, watering, etc., yet we also need room for entertaining, large family gatherings, or similar activities, just a little less physical.

A Deck or Patio can get you that space outdoors, which invites you and your friends to the outdoors.

Remodeling a deck by enlarging or simply resurfacing your deck, will make that existing deck an area that you would want to go out and enjoy, once again! Now there are many different options, not available to us during the "lawn dart" age! From treated lumber, stained or painted, to composite decking, with aluminum handrails, or a mixture of these items, can allow more outdoor activities, and improve your visibility to the surrounding area, if desire.

All Pro Improvements offers Design and Build for your planned projects, indoors or out. Seeing your project, before it is built, helps to realize the end product, but you won't believe the final end product, until construction is completed! This drawing shows a large deck, with a cement patio below for the planned hot tub. The home is not drawn, and the surrounding trees are not shown, allowing the full image of the planned deck only! 
Still can't see it, then see the below photo showing the hot tub patio, and the detail of the lattice work below, which created additional storage for those water proof items!
Now look back to the drawing, and see how the plans were altered to the newly constructed deck and patio! 
The image far left shows the top of the deck, following construction. Note the handrails are a combination of treated lumber, with aluminum balusters to better allow visibility of the surrounding natural landscape, trees, etc. 
 Now we have the Composite Decking, with various manufacturers including Trex, Azek, Choice Dek, and more trademark names, which also brings some confusion as to just which Composite decking installation and service you would want! What type of handrails would you want? The best answer is to question on HOW YOU PLAN TO USE YOUR NEW OUTDOOR SPACE? 
Do you want privacy? Do you want to give up that privacy to be able to view out upon the rest of the world? This is part of the Design/Build services offered by All Pro Improvements, so let's get back to the Composite deck constructed at right,
 with aluminum handrails. This particular deck was actually a re-surface of the existing deck, by removing the original decking boards, and installing new Trex Transcends decking boards, along with black aluminum handrails, for a truly finished look! Even the forethought and planning for matching lattice below this deck makes for a beautiful enhancement to any home!
Never needing painting or staining, this is truly low maintenance!
Patios and pavers are other options, when you don't need or desire to be so far off of the ground! Often less expensive than a newly constructed deck, a patio has advantages also to be realized, including low maintenance! Stamped concrete has maintenance to be realized, requiring period sealing of the surface of the concrete, that would not be necessary with a natural stone. Stamped concrete is concrete, literally stamped with a design of a stone type, and colored to your desire. These often emulate the look of pavers, slate, or other natural stones, but can include customized designs of your favorite team or theme! 
This stamped concrete with slate look was colored redish to go along with the existing brick of that home! 
Pavers are yet another option of reclaiming that back yard of little use, with little maintenance of periodic sand swept back into the crevaces between the pavers every couple of years, depending on the water flow at your location. Gutters can help to minimize this. 
Pavers are concrete stones, man made and colored, set upon either a concrete surface, or normally upon a gravel bed packed to near 98% compaction (a stone is 100% compaction!) and a bed of masonry sand placed upon that gravel, and packed again and leveled, before the pavers are installed. This process allows the paver system to drain, and can be placed in places that drainage is already a known potential problem! 
The retaining walls surrounding this paver patio system is not only steps to the surrounding yard, but also seating when needed. The true function of this retaining wall that matches to the paver system, is to hold back (or retain) the earth behind the wall. This retaining wall was lined to prevent water from passing through, and a French drain was installed, as the back yard is much higher than this new Paver style patio! 
In this view, you can see this large, 14 foot wide, by 56 foot long paver patio system, and the surrounding terrain, and why the paver system was best for this home and location! You cannot see it, but below the pavers, at a planned future hot tub area is a cement slab, to support the planned hot tub, and the weight, while keeping the tub from tilting over time. 
Pavers up close and personal shows how a professionally installed paver system can go around plumbing, wiring, and more! 
 Custom cutting of these pavers to curves and even to straight lines makes the paver patio appear as if was there, long before these other items were introduced, making the paver patio a natural accessory to your home, and impervious to lawn darts!
Call All Pro Improvements today at 798-4486, or click on the Contact Us page, and 

send us an email, but expect a prompt response! 
We want to improve your back yard, front yard, side yard, as well as your interior and exterior of your home! This paver patio was the final step following the new windows, siding, and roofing for this homeowner! Remember to see our Gallery for an ongoing and growing display of our remodeling projects in the Greater Columbia SC area.