About how long Kitchen Remodeling takes

About Kitchen Remodeling in general. How long, and how much? 

Most kitchens are NOT ready to receive the new cabinets, as the existing walls normally require repairs from where the prior cabinets were located. The image at left shows a kitchen, that the old custom built cabinets and counter top allowed the electrical outlets to be too low for the new cabinets and granite tops. Sheetrock repairs to wall and ceiling were needed for this kitchen also!

September 12th- The worker is cautiously removing the old cabinets at this stage. You won’t see the TV like action with the 20 lb sledge hammer in your home! That is TV hype only! Worker’s health and protecting the home are much too important to use a sledge hammer. Dust management is much more important to our company, than showing off with a sledge hammer! More accurate scenes on TV would be to watch the comedy “Tool Time” when trying to do demolition in that manner!

Notice the soffits and crown at the ceiling which were above the old cabinets, and are yet to be removed. Notice the wall “bad spots” all the way down also.


The drawing at right is the desired goal at completion.Hard to see this coming from the above isn’t it?

Sheetrock repairs take about a week, regardless of the size of the repairs, when considering the time needed for drying! 

November 12th- The photo at left is with most of the cabinets installed, new Garden window installed, and walls painted. No granite, no flooring, no appliances yet. New recessed lights are added. The electrical outlets were all too close to the prior counter tops, and had to be raised to where you see them now. It is not pretty yet!

Granite must be measured AFTER the cabinets are installed, for more precise measurements! Granite normally takes about 2.5 weeks to get fabricated, polished, delivered and installed. Early selection of your granite can allow the raw granite to be delivered to the local manufacturer, readied and prepared for cutting and finishing! Your granite selection is actually selecting which quarry your granite is coming from, and then the number of slabs to be ordered would be cut from the same days cut, for best matching of multiple granite pieces! 



December 6th- (12 weeks time frame, for kitchen and bath remodel) - Finished kitchen photos are below. All new cabinets, flooring, granite tops, under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, repaired ceilings and walls are painted. Homeowner is moving items into her new kitchen!

This is a 48” wide, 8 burner gas range with two ovens!

The granite tops show very nicely, and this selection was at near $58 per square foot for the granite.

This entire kitchen remodel was priced at near $28,000.00!

All Pro Improvements Factory Direct Pricing really helped this budget! A custom built cabinet system would add 3-4 weeks, and about $4000 on this 11' X 22' kitchen, with over 106 square feet of granite, and 25 cabinets, and one pantry!

Tiled backsplash is planned at the range area, but not yet installed. 

Newly purchased and installed items include, but not limited to- Cabinets by Forevermark, Granite by Tru-Bilt, Range, Range hood, 3 door refrigerator, dishwasher, flooring, electrical and plumbing upgrades, sheetrock repairs, faulty (warped) wall framing corrections, huge garden window, custom altered pantry shelves, recessed lighting, below cabinet lighting, and much more. This kitchen remodel was completed while also completing a major bath remodel, which actually moved the bathroom to a nearby walk in closet, and changing the closet to where the bathroom once was. There was money saved by doing these two projects together, with a contracted amount of about $42,000.00 for both the kitchen and master bath remodel, which included a separate shower and spa type tub of cultured marble. This is considered a high end kitchen and bath remodel by our company, and by the figures reported regionally by Remodeling Magazine in their Cost vs Value section.

We are currently working on a kitchen remodel priced at $14,000, so there is a wide range of kitchen sizes, and of course pricing. 

We can discuss with you the options including re-facing of your existing cabinets, installing new cabinets, or having custom built cabinets only by meeting you, in your kitchen! You cannot get pricing of much of any home improvement projects in stores or on the web. Our cabinets are 1/2" thick plywood, pre-finished, and installed for less than the big box store prices! Granite pricing is competitive also. Our membership direct floor covering outlet again has pricing at below the big box stores! Take advantage of Builder Discounts, and let's save some money, while doing the job right! 

Call All Pro Improvements today for your free in home estimate at 803-798-4486, or click on the contact us link, but anticipate a rapid response! 

No, the homeowners were not living in this home during this construction, but we have completed kitchen and/or bath remodeling while the homeowner was living in the home! (Kind of like camping, but with a microwave!)